Monstros na Escuridade is a game made for the Duality themed 2022's Global Game Jam at HobbyPont GGJ's Jam Site

Monstros na Escuridade is a game about unveiling the mysteries hidden in a not so well lit haunted house based around the theme of "duality".

The enemies are scattered in the rooms, dormant and waiting for a poor soul to feed on. You must use your candle to light your way carefully, get keys and open doors. Stay away from the monsters because they'll try to kill you as soon as you awake them.

The duality between using your candle to see the path and avoiding the monsters or trying to get through faster without turning it on makes this game a hard challenge. Hope you reach the end! Fuxe dos monstros na escuridade.

Source code:


Programming and idea: Aitor Bouzas and Pablo Larrubia

Level design and graphic resources: Jorge FM

Third party resources

Tiles: 0x72

Sounds: freesound

Scripting and additional resources: uheartbeast


MONSTROS NA ESCURIDADE IS LICENSED UNDER THE Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

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